STAR WARS rises- YODA awake : A Tutorial

 Use Max/Maya. As this character demands very minute details with very fine body structure, it is something more than just modelling. It is sculpting. create the base model in Maya and then carved out the fine details in Zbrush. As Zbrush gives varied options for modelling, sculpting and texturing, it became easier to sculpt imagination on computer.


 Yoda is an old -aged actor. Hence the skin texture and face detailing is very important to make it look realistic.sketching out the fine details like the clothing, accessories, scene props, etc before starting it on Maya,Create the base model in Maya and then use Zbrush for sculpting, skin and cloth texturing. Lighting and shading was done in 3Ds Max using Vray .

Final renders were taken in the form of passes to get better control of the lighting at the Compositing stage. The background is inspired by Japanese and Chinese culture, for this collect lots and lots of pictures to see what kind of props and furniture you can use in his house. Compiling them all together in one frame and final touch ups can give you final desired composition